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“When I first met Cyndi Lewis, things were going well for me, but I had a feeling that something was missing. After my first appointment, it was clear that I wanted, and could have, more in my job, my marriage, and my life. She challenged me to redefine ‘my best,’ and helped me realize that I couldn’t expect more from others if I didn’t demand more of myself. My personal and professional relationships are at places I couldn’t have imagined, and I enjoy continuing to grow in both areas.”

“Cyndi creates an atmosphere where I feel safe to open up and be really honest about my feelings. She has taken the time to get to know me and understand my beliefs and values. She manages to balance being straight-forward and telling me what I need to hear and, more importantly, what I need to do, in an environment that is compassionate and nonjudgmental.”

“Finding someone to talk with that you trust is one thing, finding someone to talk with that you trust and who can truly help you is another. Cyndi is that person. With care, respect, knowledge and humor Cyndi helps you look at things through a different lens and refocus your thoughts from confusion to solutions.”

“Up until I met Cyndi, I have never had anyone who could really listen to what I was saying and hear beneath the words. Somehow she has the ability to piece random bits of information together to clarify issues I have been struggling with but didn’t really understand. I now know more about myself and why I behave the way I do and I am able to look at my life with a new perspective.”

“My marriage had become dull and lifeless and my husband and I were living a very functional life. With three children to raise, neither one of us was spending the time necessary to foster and grow our relationship. The stress of every day life left little, if any, time for passion is our relationship. We both loved each other very much, but we were living parallel lives. Cyndi took our marriage to a level I didn’t even know existed. By guiding us through a process of learning about ourselves and each other and taking responsibility for our own actions, we were able connect on a much deeper level.”

“My sessions with Cyndi are like meeting with a best friend. She is an amazing listener and can get to the root of my issues quickly. At first I was apprehensive to share some of my most personal thoughts, feelings and information, but now I feel completely safe with Cyndi to open up and share everything with her. She treats me with such respect and compassion and never judges anything I say or do.”

“Cyndi has helped me completely change my diet. I finally understand what it is like to feel healthy. I have so much more energy, all my physical complaints are gone, I’ve lost weight and I feel great about myself.”

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